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CAP Driving School Oulunsalo

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Contact information

Office services in Oulunsalo

Location-specific appointment bookings and cancellations, as well as examination matters.

Address and opening hours

We do not have permanent facilities in Oulunsalo. Theory lessons are conducted online, and driving lessons start from Pickup Points. Therefore, you never need to come to the driving school.

Simulator training

If the course includes driving lessons with a simulator, they will take place at kumppaniautokoulumme toimipisteellä, Aurinkokuja 3, Kempele.

Billing service opening hours.

Main customer services

General issues related to driver's license and driving school courses.

Pickup Points

We has several Pickup Points in Oulunsalo, where the driving instructor will pick you up for the lesson. You can find all the stops on the map below.

Niemenrannan K-Market

Tyyrpuurinlenkki 2

K-Market Pitkäkangas

Opintie 2, 90460 Oulunsalo

Oulunsalon lukio

Mäntypellonpolku 10

Oulunsalon S-Market

Kauppiaantie 1

Oulunsalon K-Supermarket

Karhuojantie 2

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