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Antti’s OPE Model

Our OPE model has been developed to ensure that each of our students receives the best possible education and support on their journey to obtaining a driver’s license.

O – In our teaching, we always focus on the driver. We are genuinely interested in the comfort and progress of each of our students. We recognize that each learner is an individual: learning styles, needs, and strengths vary. For this reason, we have developed our teaching methods to be adaptable to the individual needs of each student. Our experienced teachers are committed to recognizing and supporting each student’s unique learning path, providing personal guidance and encouragement at every stage.

P – Our local stop model serves students’ needs flexibly. We have expanded our operations to several locations and effectively utilize our extensive network of local stops. This model allows students to save time and effort from traveling separately to the driving school; instead, we pick them up directly from their chosen driving lesson stop. This reduces the travel burden on students and makes organizing driving lessons easier and more convenient.

E – An excellent customer experience is our core value. We strive to provide a warm and high-quality learning experience for each of our students. Our operations are based on the principles of learning and development, and our ethical guidelines ensure that the psychological and physical well-being of students is always a priority. In all situations, even unexpected ones, we remain calm, professional, and composed. Our goal is to create a safe and encouraging learning environment where each student can develop in the best possible way.

Our OPE model is designed to support each student’s unique journey to obtaining a driver’s license, offering flexibility, personal guidance, and high-quality education.

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